Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Working Group

The Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Working Group (KT and E WG) of the CTFPHC oversees development of practice and patient tools for each guideline. The KT and E WG is chaired by a member of the CTFPHC or a qualified individual designated by the chair. It is composed of CTFPHC members, representatives from the Office of the CTFPHC, knowledge brokers from the University of Alberta, and members from the Knowledge Translation Program at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital.

KT and E WG key responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to determine the best way to disseminate and implement the guidelines and accompanying tools within budgetary and feasibility constraints;
  • Develop tailored messages and tools for clinicians and patients aligned with guideline recommendations, using current “best practice” methods;
  • Use an iterative process of heuristics and usability testing to refine the tools for the relevant audience;
  • Review and incorporate emerging best practices for knowledge translation over time;
  • Engage in guideline implementation and evaluation projects as opportunities arise to further the uptake of the guidelines into primary care practice;

Members of the KT and E WG also participate in the Topic Prioritization and Methods Working Groups to provide input on knowledge translation issues. This input ensures that knowledge translation is considered in all aspects of guideline development.

Members of the KT and E WG


  • Marcello Tonelli
  • Neil Bell
  • Paula Brauer
  • Elizabeth Shaw

University of Alberta

  • Dawn Opgenorth
  • Alejandra Jaramillo

Office of the CTFPHC

  • Karen Grimsrud
  • Sarah Connor Gorber
  • Dana Reid
  • Chantal Plante

St. Michael’s Hosptial

  • Sharon Straus
  • Julia Moore
  • Kasha Pyka