Conflict of Interest Policy

Introduction and underpinning principles 

This policy outlines procedures for the disclosure of interests and management of conflicts of interest (COIs) for the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Healthcare (“Task Force”). This policy is informed by a scan of best practices in the international guideline community and policies of medical journal, and adheres to the Guidelines International Network (GIN) Principles for Disclosure of Interests and Management of COIs. 



This policy provides guidance that applies to all current and prospective members of the Task Force, regardless of the discipline(s) or stakeholder(s) that they may represent. The policy also provides an overview of procedures followed for groups and individuals that provide external support to the Task Force, including: 

  • Invited content experts (expert advisors) 
  • External stakeholders and peer reviewers 
  • GHGD staff at the PHAC 
  • Evidence Review and Synthesis Centres (ERSCs) 
  • Knowledge Translation Program, St. Michael’s Hospital