Task Force Public Advisors Network (TF-PAN)


The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care seeks diverse members of the public from across Canada for the new Task Force Public Advisors Network (TF-PAN). 

Thank you for your interest in the TF-PAN, we are currently not recruiting any new members for this year. If you would like to receive future updates, please sign up for our newsletter.

Join the TF-PAN and make a difference.





Why get involved?

Help inform guidelines that doctors and health care providers use for high-quality preventive health care

Make sure the views of patients and the public are included in national clinical practice guidelines.

The role involves:
  • Giving opinions on screening for different health topics and diseases
  • Providing feedback on Task Force tools like fact sheets, infographics and brochures for patients
  • Sharing guidelines and tools


No experience required.

Panel members will be paid and receive and training on preventive health topics, screening, patient-oriented research and more.

Please note, if you are a primary health care provider, you are not eligible to be at member of the TF-PAN.

Is health care important to you?

Do you have ideas about how family doctors can talk to patients about their health?

Ming’s Story

Ming’s doctor recommended a program at the community centre to quit smoking. However, he can’t get there as he doesn’t have a car and the bus trip takes over an hour. This motivated Ming to join the TF-PAN to help make guidelines for family doctors and other healthcare professionals.

“I wish there was some sort of online program I could do at home”, he thought. “I know I would attend every session if it were online. If only could tell doctors this might be a better option for people like me.”

Now, thanks to Ming and the other TF-PAN members, family doctors can follow a guideline on smoking cessation that recommends programs either at the community centre or online, depending on what patients want. Ming is proud of helping make healthcare better for Canadians.

Frequently Asked Question

Will I be paid?
  • Yes! The Task Force will compensate you for your time. Compensation will be provided periodically during the year, and TF-PAN members will be able to choose how often and method of payment.
  • The compensation form can be found here.
Do I need experience?
  • No! You do not need any previous experience to be considered for TF-PAN.  We encourage any member of the public who is not a primary care practitioner to apply.
What is the time commitment?
  • It depends on you! We will ask TF-PAN members about which projects interest them and how often they would like to be contacted.

At most, TF-PAN will require a 30-hour time commitment over 1 year.

How will you select TF-PAN members?
  • We are looking for TF-PAN members who reflect Canada’s diversity and who will be committed to the initiative. Applicants will have an opportunity to tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested in participating.
When will I hear if I have been selected?
  • TF-PAN members will hear if they have been selected by October 2020.
What is preventive health care?
  • Preventive health care is an interaction between a patient and their doctor or health care provider which promotes health and prevents illness or injuries.
  • Preventive health care includes screening, counselling, and other approaches to help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases and injuries.
What is screening?
  • Health screening uses tests to identify disease in outwardly healthy people who do not appear to have symptoms or signs of the condition, for example cancer.
What is patient-oriented research?
  • Patient-oriented research makes sure that what is important to patients, caregivers and families is included in research projects. For example, if patients think it is important to reduce pain, researchers will look at ways to reduce pain.

Who we are

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care produces guidelines and tools for family doctors, nurses and other health care providers to support the prevention of diseases and illnesses in Canada.

Topics include screening for the prevention of:

  • breast, lung, prostate and colorectal cancers
  • infectious diseases
  • mental health
  • chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease