Public record of meeting, 12 June 2017


Meeting of 12 June, 2017–13 June, 2017

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Best Western Plus Downtown Suites, Ottawa




  • Marcello Tonelli (Chair)
  • Brett Thombs (Chair-Elect)
  • Gabriela Lewin (Vice-Chair)
  • Scott Klarenbach
  • Brenda Wilson
  • Stéphane Groulx
  • Ainsley Moore
  • Donna Reynolds
  • Guylène Thériault
  • Eddy Lang
  • John LeBlanc
  • Heather Colquhoun


  • Rachel Rodin
  • Alejandra Jaramillo
  • Nicki Sims-Jones
  • Susan Courage
  • Francesca Reyes Domingo
  • Frances Gardiner
  • Michèle Boileau-Falardeau
  • Prinon Rahman
  • Heather Limburg
  • Shamila Shanmugasegaram
  • Chantal Plante
  • Ernesto Delgado
  • Fowsia Abdulkadir
  • Heidi Staples

U of Alberta

  • Ms. Brandee Borne

Ottawa ERSC

  • Andrew Beck
  • David Moher
  • Adrienne Stevens (via teleconference)
  • Candyce Hamel (via teleconference)

Edmonton ERSC

  • Lisa Hartling (via teleconference)
  • Jennifer Pillay

St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Sharon Straus
  • Danielle Kasperavicius
  • Danica Buckland


  • Rick Birtwhistle (via teleconference)
  • Kevin Pottie


  • Maude Morency-Lemieux


  • Katie ElderKimberly Turner
  • Kimberly Turner


  • Roland Grad
  • Julian Little
  • Aireen Wingert


Day 1

1. Welcome; Introductions; Review of Agenda – Dr. Marcello Tonelli

Dr. Tonelli welcomed the group to Ottawa and thanked them for their attendance. He noted that there are a few new faces in the group and asked that all participants introduce themselves. He also extended a special welcome to Dr. Heather Colquhoun, the newest addition to the Task Force.

Dr. Tonelli asked the group if there were any concerns or action items outstanding from the February 2017 Record of Discussion (RoD). Dr. Wilson noted that the Record listed her as leading the discussion for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, when she is not leading that group. Ms. Elder will edit the February 2017 RoD to reflect this. Dr. Tonelli asked the group if there were any concerns or action items outstanding from the February 2017 Action Summary. None arose.

2. Guidelines Verbal Update – Stéphane Groulx, Candyce Hamel, Ainsley Moore, Eddy Lang, Brett Thombs

Dr. Moore led a verbal update on behalf of the Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Working Group, which is scheduled to begin work on protocol with evidence review teams, the Working Group, and clinical experts in September 2017.

Dr. Lang led a verbal update on behalf of the Depression Working Group, which is currently engaged in patient backgrounder and recruitment, and the scoping exercise.

Dr. Groulx led a verbal update on behalf of the Esophageal Cancer Working Group, which planned to launch the systematic review on patient preferences from July 2017 to September 2017.

Dr. Thombs reported that there were no key updates relating to the Neural Tube Defects/Fetal Aneuploidy Working Group.

3. Social Media Working Group Update – Eddy Lang

Dr. Lang is leading the Social Media Working Group and invited participation by other Task Force members, for work on drafting a proposal for social media use in the TF to present at the October 2017 in-person meeting.

4. Asymptomatic Bacteriuria – Ainsley Moore

Dr. Moore provided a summary of the first round of feedback comments on the ASB guideline that TF members contributed. The focus of the presentation was restricted to high-level feedback. Pre-approval to send out for external review, with changes included, was granted.

5. Global Health and Guidelines Division (GHGD) Update – Dr. Rachel Rodin

Dr. Rodin led a verbal update on the GHGD, with a special emphasis on GHGD staffing transitions underway.

6. Guideline Timelines – Rachel Rodin

Dr. Rodin led a verbal update on the guideline timelines on behalf of the Global Health and Guidelines Division.

7. Recruitment Criteria for Future Task Force Members – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs led a discussion on updating the Task Force recruitment criteria and asked for recommendations to be incorporated into the Selection Committee’s discernment process.

8. Results of the 2016 Annual Evaluation – Danica Buckland

Ms. Buckland gave an update on the results of the 2016 Annual Evaluation.

9. Hepatitis C – Jennifer Field, David Rodier

Ms. Field and Mr. Rodier presented the media strategy used for the Hepatitis C guideline release and its outcomes.

10. Breast Cancer – Scott Klarenbach, Pauline Barbeau, and Jennifer Pillay

Dr. Klarenbach gave a presentation on the breast cancer guideline update. The draft systematic review is anticipated by the end of June – to be circulated to the Task Force in July and undergo external review in mid-August 2017.

 11. Hypertension – Brenda Wilson, Shamila Shanmugasegaram

Dr. Wilson gave an update on the Hypertension Screening Guideline, which will arrive at a clearer guideline recommendation based on the results of the signal detection approach discussed.

12. Methods (Part 1) – Marcello Tonelli, Alejandra Jaramillo, Nadera Ahmadzai (via teleconference)

Ms. Jaramillo gave an update on work conducted by the methods working group over the past four months

13. Thyroid Dysfunction – Rick Birtwhistle (via teleconference)

Dr. Birtwhistle presented an update on behalf of the Thyroid Dysfunction Working Group, which is scheduled to have the systematic review finalized between June and July 2017.

14. KT update – Danica Buckland
Ms. Buckland provided an update on Knowledge Translation activities.
15. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) WG update – Radha Sayal
Ms. Sayal gave an update on the EMR project and invited candidates for the role of Working Group Chair.

16. Visual Acuity – Brenda Wilson

Dr. Wilson presented the progress on the Visual Acuity Guideline, whose draft version is expected to be sent out to the Visual Acuity Working Group for a second review in late June 2017.

17. Response timelines – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs lead a discussion on TF response timelines and how communication procedures can be improved.

Day 2

18. Discussion with Minister of Health l’Hon. Jane Philpott

Dr. Tonelli welcomed the Minister and Ms. Kim Elmslie (Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for the Health Promotion and Chronic Diseases Branch at the Public Health Agency of Canada). The Minister thanked the group for their hard work, and broached the question of collaborative models moving forward between the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Task Force.

Dr. Tonelli presented an overview of the guideline work of the Task Force, reviewing the increased awareness and changes in practice among healthcare professionals, forthcoming guidelines, and the key axes of the TF’s success (“people, processes, and partnerships”). He then opened up the conversation for questions and discussion.

19. Final Topic Selection – Dr. Brett Thombs, Marion Doull (via teleconference)

Dr. Thombs thanked Dr. Doull for her help with topic selection, and led an update on final topic selection for the coming year. The main goal of the conversation was to discuss ratings and comments, and to select two topics to be put forward for scoping and guideline development. Dr. Thombs provided a recap of the 2016/2017 topics work.

20. Methods (part 2) – Kevin Pottie, Alejandra Jaramillo

Dr. Pottie summarized work on the GRADE FACE survey to date, on behalf of the Methods WG. The key goal of the survey is to identify key stakeholders and engage them with refining recommendations and implementation considerations relating to affordability, health equity, feasibility, and acceptability.

21. Diabetes – Gaby Lewin

Dr. Lewin provided a summary of the scoping exercise for the update of this guideline, previously released in 2012. Her presentation included background on the signal detection process, updates on the selection of clinical experts for guideline revisions, and a recap of the guideline recommendation in its current form.

22. Next Steps and Adjournment – Dr. Marcello Tonelli

Dr. Tonelli thanked the group for their attendance and once again welcomed new members to the team. He reminded the Task Force to please send expense receipts to Ms. Borne. Dates for the next meeting are October 2nd-3rd, and the location is to be determined. Day-to-day chair duties are now transferred to Dr. Thombs. Special thanks were extended to Ms. Borne for all her work in the role of Project Manager.

Dr. Thombs thanked Dr. Tonelli for his work on the Task Force and welcomed his continued involvement in Task Force work as an alumnus.