Public record of meeting, 15 June 2020


Meeting of 15 June, 2020–16 June, 2020

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Virtual Meeting



Task Force Members

  • Brett Thombs (Chair)
  • Ainsley Moore (Vice-Chair)
  • Brenda Wilson
  • Scott Klarenbach
  • Guylène Thériault
  • Eddy Lang
  • John LeBlanc
  • John Riva
  • Navindra Persaud
  • Heather Colquhoun
  • Michael Kidd
  • Ahmed Abou-Setta
  • Roland Grad
  • Christina Korownyk
  • Donna Reynolds

Task Force Administrators

  • Daniela Cortinovis
  • Julia Nordlund


  • Elizabeth Rolland-Harris
  • Heather Limburg
  • Eva Graham
  • Allana Leblanc
  • Melissa Subnath
  • Laure Tessier
  • Gregory Traversy
  • Marc Avey
  • Kate Morissette
  • Cindy Shen


  • Daniela Cortinovis
  • Julia Nordlund


  • Julian Little
  • David Moher
  • Jennifer Pillay
  • Lisa Hartling
  • Andrew Beck
  • Melissa Brouwers
  • Michelle Gate
  • Allison Gates



  • Geneviève Cadieux
  • Amanda Tzenov
  • Keith Todd

Task Force Alumni

  • Stéphane Groulx


Knowledge Translation

  • Sharon Straus
  • Lynsey Burnett
  • Robyn Beckett
  • Andrea Tricco
  • Fatiah DeMatas
  • Dave Flaherty
  • Kyle Silveira
  • Arthana Chandraraj
  • Christine Fahim
  • Clara Narcisse-Merveille
  • Danielle Kasperavicius



  • Kim Barnhardt
  • Chelsee Cure


Regrets: Rachel Rodin (PHAC), Chantal Plante (PHAC)



Day 1

1. Meet and Greet: Welcome from Chair and Approval of the Agenda

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Task Force held its June 2020 meeting online via videoconference. Dr. Thombs opened the meeting with some announcements to explain the logistics of using the online platform, provided instructions in case of technological issues, as well as updates on the meeting agenda. It was noted that the Falls breakout session on June 16 was cancelled. Dr. Thombs encouraged the Task Force members to actively engage in discussions throughout the meeting, and to avoid using the chat function for discussions if possible, in order to ensure a single sustained conversation with all Task Force members.


2. Tobacco Guideline

Mr. Traversy presented on the Tobacco Smoking Cessation in Adults guideline, providing an update on the Working Group’s approach towards assessing imprecision as well as preliminary results from the systematic review.


3. Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Guideline

Dr. Pillay and Dr. Moore presented an update on the external review processes for the Chlamydia and Gonorrhea systematic review and guideline, including an overview of comments from stakeholders and peer reviewers on both documents and possible Task Force responses to guideline feedback.


4. Communication Team Update

Ms. Barnhardt and Ms. Curé provided an update on recent activities and initiatives of the Communication team.


5. Knowledge Translation Team Update

Members of the Knowledge Translation team provided updates on their recent activities and initiatives. This update included information on upcoming guidelines, new and upcoming Knowledge Translation tools, dissemination activities, Task Force projects involving Knowledge Translation, annual evaluations and the Task Force Public Advisors Network (TF-PAN) initiative.


6. Prostate Cancer Guideline

Dr. Grad presented updates on the recent work done by the Prostate Cancer Working Group, presented the proposed Key Questions and sought Task Force approval for these proposed Key Questions.



Day Two
7. Equity Discussion

The Task Force members had a discussion on equity in guidance on preventive health care.


8. Fragility Fractures Guideline

Ms. Gates presented an update on the Fragility Fractures guideline and sought approval from Task Force members for Key Question 2 and Key Question 3a, and a decision on whether to proceed with Key Question 3b.


9. Topics and Task Force Sustainability

Dr. Thombs presented proposed approaches for addressing Task Force capacity and sustainability challenges and opening the discussion to Task Force members to provide feedback and additional suggestions.


10. Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing Guideline: Update

Dr. Persaud presented a brief update on the Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing guideline.


11. Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing Guideline: Protocol

Mr. Beck provided an update on the development of the Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing protocol, an outline of the general approach for each Key Question and a review of the PICOS (Population, Intervention, Comparator, Outcomes, Setting) tables and studies relevant for the guideline. Mr. Beck informed the Task Force that the Ottawa Evidence Review and Synthesis Centre is currently working on the early stages of the protocol.


12. Update on Guidelines

The Working Group Chairs provided brief verbal updates of the status and recent activities of each guideline working group.


13. Task Force during and post-COVID-19

The Task Force members had a discussion, led by Dr. Thombs, about Task Force operations during and after COVID-19.


14. Next steps and Adjournment

Dr. Thombs thanked everyone for attending the meeting and thanked the Task Force Office for organizing it. He also thanks the Evidence Review and Synthesis Centres and the Science Team for their hard work. He announced that the next Task Force meeting will take place online again, on Oct 26-27, 2020. The June 2020 virtual meeting was adjourned.