Public record of meeting, 19 October, 2015


Meeting of 19 October, 2015–20 October, 2015

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Cassio AB Room, MacEwan Conference and Event Centre, 2500 University Drive. NW, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4




  • Dr. Marcello Tonelli (Chair)
  • Dr. Richard Birtwhistle (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Brett Thombs
  • Dr. Roland Grad
  • Dr. Harminder Singh
  • Dr. Gabriela Lewin
  • Dr. Scott Klarenbach
  • Dr. Brenda Wilson
  • Dr. Stephane Groulx
  • Dr. Jim Dickinson
  • Dr. Maria Bacchus


  • Dr. Karen Grimsrud
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Ugnat
  • Ms. Kate Morissette (By phone/video)
  • Ms. Wendy Martin (By phone/video)
  • Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo
  • Francesca Reyes Domingo (By phone/video)


  • Dr. Diana Sherifali (By phone/video)

University of Alberta

  • Ms. Kate Collier
  • Ms. M. Joan Keller

St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Dr. Sharon Straus
  • Dr. Nadia Bashir
  • Ms. Kaylyn Kretschmer
  • Ms. Caitlyn Timmings
  • Ms. Kaylyn Kretschmer

Invited guests and speakers

  • Dr. Nancy Santesso (By phone/video)


  • Ms. M. Joan Keller


  • Dr. Kevin Pottie
  • Ms. Brandee Borne



1. Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Tonelli thanked everyone for attending the conference and asked each person to introduce themselves as three new members joined the Task Force. Dr. Tonelli reviewed the agenda and the expectations for the meeting. It was noted the minutes from June had not been approved and will be sent via email to members for feedback and approval.

2. Prevention Guideline Division Update

Dr. Grimsrud provided an update on current CTFPHC activities: appointment letters sent to the three new members, annual recognition letters sent to the institutions of all Task Force members, extension letters sent to Drs. Pottie and Singh, 2 new members joined Science team since the June meeting.

3. Lung Cancer Working Group Update

Dr. Lewin provided an update on the Lung Cancer working group activities. Her update included: timeline, recommendations and external peer review comments.

4. Guideline Timelines

Ms. Kretschmer provided an overview of the Guideline Timelines and reviewed the CMAJ publication timeline processes.

5. Topics Working Group Update

Ms. Morissette provided an update on topics for the coming year, selecting new guideline topics and in the process of selecting new Evidence Review Centres

6. Methods Manual

Dr. Tonelli and Ms. Jaramillo provided an overview on the Methods Manual. Their presentation covered adoption process, pre review process and diagnostic test accuracy.

7. Evidence Review Synthesis Centre Update

Ms. Sherifali thanked the CTFPHC for the fruitful and rich learning opportunity of working with the Task Force. Her update included the work being completed by the Review Synthesis Centre concerning pre-publication literature reviews expected to be completed by the end of October.

8. GRADE/DECIDE E2D Framework Presentation

Dr. Nancy Santesso – guest speaker – provided an in depth presentation on GRADE/DECIDE E2D Framework (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation).

9. Periodic Health Examination

Dr. Richard Birtwhistle provided a brief oral update on the Periodic Health Examination that is useful for family doctors.

10. Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference Debrief

Drs. Dickinson, Grad, Thombs and Grimsrud provided a debrief regarding a conference on Preventing Overdiagnosis held in Bethesda in September.

11. Developmental Delay

Dr. Tonelli presented an overview on the Developmental Delay Guideline and the feedback received from peer reviewers

12. e-Health Working Group Update

Dr. Birtwhistle and Ms. Caitlyn Timmings provided a report on e-Health activities since the June meeting. They reviewed the purpose of the EMR Project for the new members of the CTFPHC, provided an update on EMR vendor engagement and a summary about HQIC.

13. Knowledge Translation Working Group Update

Dr. Nadia Bashir provided a Knowledge Translation working group activities update which included the planning and development of a learning management system to host CTFPHC CMEs and integrated into the CTFPHC website.

14. Critical Appraisals Working Group Update

Ms. Timmings and Jaramillo provided a slide presentation showing the activities of the Critical Appraisals working group involving recruitment of external reviewers (family physicians practicing in Canada) to appraise clinical practice guidelines developed by external organizations.

15. Summary and Adjournment

Dr. Tonelli reviewed the day’s activities and reviewed agenda for day two.

16. Breakout Sessions

At the end of Day One, the Methods and Development Delay Working Group held brief meetings.

17. End of Day One

Dinner hosted at Dr. Tonelli’s home.

18. Canadian Family Physicians Article Series

Ms. Kretschmer provided an update and overview of the Canadian Family Physicians Article Series. Her overview included information on how many articles would be in a series, how long the articles should be and the opportunity of publishing CTFPHC knowledge products.

19. Social Media

Ms. Timmings provided a slide presentation on the value of social media in health care organizations and groups

20. Patient Engagement Working Group Update

Dr. Bashir gave a presentation on how the CTFPHC is now engaging patients at two points in its guideline development process and an overview on the different phases of the process.

21. ERSC selection update (in camera)

October 13th peer review meeting update, topic assignment process – decision

22. Child Tobacco Working Group Update

Dr. Thombs provided an overview of the Child Tobacco Working Group activities with respect to the guideline.

23. Other Guideline Updates

Cognitive Impairment Update: Dr. Kevin Pottie presented by Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo

Ms. Jaramillo gave a brief overview of the Cognitive Impairment Working Group activities that included the guideline being ready to submit, and should be going to online publication November 23, 2015, paper publication will be January 14, 2016

Colorectal Cancer Update

Dr. Bacchus provided a detailed update on the Colorectal Cancer Working Group activities that included targeted publication dates, media spokesperson chosen, the Knowledge Translation team arranged for Webinars with the National Colorectal Cancer Screening Network.

Hepatitis C Update

Dr. Grad provided an update on the Hepatitis C Working Group activities. Discussion among CTFPHC members and unanimous decision reached to use the word effectiveness as opposed to utility in the analytic framework that was introduced by CADTH.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Working Group Update

Dr. Singh provided a PowerPoint presentation regarding the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Working Group activities. His presentation covered the systematic review, patient preferences recruitment. Dr. Singh was advised he has a good agreement and direction to proceed.

Thyroid Dysfunction Working Group Update

Dr. Birtwhistle’s update included making it clear the Thyroid Dysfunction update is a single recommendation around thyroid dysfunction, it isn’t hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism – it’s both. Next step is to do a systematic search for new literature to update and convert systematic review to GRADE profiles

Next Steps and Adjournment

Dr. Tonelli thanked everyone for their participation in the meeting.

Next meeting to be held in Calgary in February, 2016.