Public record of meeting, 27 February 2017

Meeting of February 27 & 28, 2017

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Hotel Le Méridien Versailles, Montreal


Task Force Members

  • Dr. Marcello Tonelli (Chair)
  • Dr. Brett Thombs (Chair-Elect)
  • Dr. Gabriela Lewin (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Stéphane Groulx
  • Dr. Scott Klarenbach
  • Dr. Ainsley Moore
  • Dr. Roland Grad
  • Dr. Brenda Wilson (via telecon)
  • Dr. Donna Reynolds
  • Dr. John LeBlanc
  • Dr. Eddy Lang
  • Dr. Guylène Thériault


  • Ms. Kate Priel


  • Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo
  • Ms. Veronique Dorais
  • Dr. Marion Doull
  • Via telecon:
    • Ms. Frances Gardiner
    • Ms. Michèle Boileau-Farladeau
    • Ms. Nicki Sims-Jones
    • Ms. Susan Courage


  • Ms. Jennifer Pillay


  • Ms. Adrienne Stevens
  • Mr. Andrew Beck

U of Calgary

  • Ms. Brandee Borne

Knowledge Translation

  • Dr. Nadia Bashir
  • Dr. Sharon Straus
  • Ms. Danielle Kaspervicius
  • Ms. Danica Buckland
  • Ms. Radha Sayal (via telecon)


  • Dr. Mathieu Rousseau (medical resident)


Dr. Lisa Hartling, Dr. Sharon Straus, Ms. Michele Boileau-Falardeau, Dr. David Moher


Day 1

1. Welcome; Introductions; Review of Agenda – Dr. Marcello Tonelli

Dr. Tonelli welcomed the group to Montreal and thanked them for their attendance. He noted that there are a few new faces amongst the group and asked that all participants introduce themselves. He noted that the agenda had undergone recent updates and asked if there were any concerns or further changes to be made. None were noted.

2. Visual Acuity – Dr. Brenda Wilson and Ms. Jennifer Pillay

Dr. Wilson and Ms. Pillay gave a presentation to the group on issues currently faced by the working group and noted that approval of evidence was needed prior to external review.

3. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo

Ms. Jaramillo led a verbal update on the progress of the working group so far. Ms. Jaramillo pointed that the internal Infectious Disease team within PHAC may already be working on this topic, so contact will be made with them to determine if this is the case, so as to not duplicate efforts.

4. KT Working Group Update – Dr. Nadia Bashir

Dr. Bashir provided a presentation for the group highlighting the tools, endorsements and media strategies currently in process.

5. Tobacco – Dr. Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs gave a short update on the progress of the guideline release and noted that it has now been published in CMAJ.

6. eHealth Working Group Update – Ms. Radha Sayal

Ms. Sayal provided the group with an update on the work of the working group. She highlighted the progress of the EMR plug-in for the Breast Cancer screening guideline in OSCAR, which included a live demonstration of the plug-in.

7. Esophageal Cancer – Dr. Stephane Groulx

Dr. Groulx updated the group on the progression of the guideline, giving a refresher on the background of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma (EAC), the analytic framework and the Key Questions being used. He also highlighted the outcome rankings for screening and the Key Question on the treatment of Barrett’s.

8. Fetal Aneuploidy Screening/Neural Tube Defects (FA/NTD) – Dr. Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs gave a verbal on the progress of this guideline and noted that a grant application has been planned for submission to CIHR.

9. Global Health and Guidelines Division (GHGD) Update – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo and Ms. Gerry Gallagher

The acting Director General of the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, Gerry Gallagher, provided the group with an update of the Global Health and Guidelines Division via teleconference. Her presentation covered some staffing changes among the group.

10. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo

Ms. Jaramillo gave a brief verbal update on behalf of Dr. Singh and noted that the guideline has been sent for review.

11. Breast Cancer – Dr. Scott Klarenbach

Dr. Klarenbach provided an update on the progress of the working group. His presentation gave a reminder of the analytic framework and key questions, a status update and looked at the current protocol and comments received from content experts.

12. Postnatal Depression – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo

Ms. Jaramillo gave a verbal update on the Postnatal Depression working group. Dr. Lang will Chair the working group, with Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Moore also joining the group.

13. Diabetes – Dr. Gabriela Lewin

Dr. Lewin provided a summary of the scoping exercise for the update of this guideline, previously released in 2012. Her presentation gave background on the previous guideline and a refresher of the recommendations.

14. Guideline Timelines – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo

Ms. Jaramillo gave a presentation updating the group on the current timelines for the guidelines in progress. She thanked the team for all of their hard work and effort, because of this, we are on track to deliver on all commitments.

15. Asymptomatic Bacteriuria (ASB) in Pregnancy – Dr. Ainsley Moore

Dr. Moore gave a presentation to the group giving a high level summary of the evidence to decision framework.

16. Thyroid – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo

Ms. Jaramillo gave a brief update to inform the group that work on the Hepatitis C guideline will be completed then work will begin on the Thyroid guideline, with the aim to complete this fiscal year.

17. Target Journal for Publishing CTFPHC Guidance – Dr. Marcello Tonelli

Dr. Tonelli led discussion on the results obtained from the survey presented that asked, through a number of questions, which journal the group felt would be best suited for CTFPHC guidance.

Day 2

18. Methods Working Group Update – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo, Ms. Danica Buckland and Dr. Kevin Pottie

Ms. Jaramillo delivered the presentation made up of methods completed, in progress and on hold.

Ms. Buckland gave a verbal update to the group on patient preferences phase 2. Ms. Jaramillo presented and Dr. Pottie joined the group via teleconference to discuss the FACE survey.

Ms. Jaramillo asked Task Force members to complete a quick survey on the instructions for the FACE survey.

19. Topics Working Group Update – Dr. Marion Doull

Dr. Doull provided members with a background on the topics selection process and lessons learned throughout.

20. Scoping Exercise and Topic Refinement – Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo

Ms. Jaramillo gave a presentation to the group and thanked the ERSC’s for all of their hard work. Her presentation covered the objectives of the scoping exercise and how proposed changes will affect the process.

21. Hepatitis C – Dr. Roland Grad

Dr. Grad began his presentation by thanking the working group for getting this guideline to the finish line. He highlighted the recommendation and discussion was focused on a change to the cost of the drug to treat Hepatitis C.

22. Hypertension – Dr. Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs provided the group with an update of the working group and raised the question of whether there is a need to develop a new guideline, reaffirm the existing or adapt the USPSTF guideline.

23. Next Steps and Adjournment – Dr. Marcello Tonelli

Dr. Tonelli thanked the group for their attendance and once again welcomed new members to the team. Special thanks were given to Ms. Borne and Ms. Priel for organizing another successful meeting. Members were asked to submit expense claims as soon as possible, before year end (March 31st). Doodle poll results for 2018 will be sent out.