Public record of meeting, 27 October, 2014

Meeting of 27 October, 2014–28 October, 2014

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  • Dr. Marcello Tonelli (Chair)
  • Dr. Richard Birtwhistle (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Maria Bacchus
  • Dr. Neil Bell
  • Dr. Paula Brauer
  • Dr. Jim Dickinson
  • Dr. Roland Grad
  • Dr. Gabriela Lewin
  • Dr. Ainsley Moore
  • Dr. Patricia Parkin
  • Dr. Kevin Pottie
  • Dr. Harminder Singh
  • Dr. Brett Thombs


  • Dr. Karen Grimsrud
  • Dr. Sarah Connor Gorber
  • Ms. Alejandra Jaramillo


  • Dr. Parminder Raina
  • Ms. Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis
  • Dr. Diana Sherifali (By phone/video)
  • Dr. Leslea Pearson

University of Alberta

  • Ms.Brandee Borne

St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Dr. Sharon Straus
  • Dr. Nadia Bashir
  • Ms. Kaylyn Kretschmer

Invited guests and speakers

  • Ms. Sara Chesiuk
  • Mr. Don Husereau
  • Mr. David Rodier


  • Ms. Diane Finkle Perazzo


  • Dr. Julia Moore


1. Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Grad made a motion to approve the June 2014 CTFPHC Meeting Minutes and PROM. This motion was seconded by Dr. Dickinson and unanimously passed. CTFPHC members reviewed the list of action items from June meeting as well as the agenda and expectations for the October 2014 meeting.


2. Guideline Timelines

Ms. Kretschmer reviewed the CTFPHC Forward Agenda and provided an overview regarding Guideline Workgroup Updates and CMAJ Guideline Publications. It was noted that existing guidelines are updated annually as part of a literature surveillance process.


3. Prevention Guideline Division Update

Dr. Connor Gorber provided an update regarding the work of PHAC’s Prevention Guidelines Division. She covered staffing issues and there was a discussion regarding succession planning for the ERSC. She also noted that Dr. Greg Taylor has been officially appointed Chief Public Health Officer and a new position of president will be appointed to manage the administration of the Agency.


4. Colorectal Cancer Working Group Report

Dr. Bacchus provided a report on the recommendations for colorectal cancer screening. CTFPHC members discussed a number of issues and provided feedback on the proposed recommendations.


5. Developmental Delay Working Group Report

Dr. Tonelli provided a report on the Developmental Delay Guidelines for provisional approval by the Task Force. CTFPHC members discussed a number of issues and provided feedback on the proposed recommendations.


6. Topics Prioritization Working Group Update

Dr. Connor Gorber provided an update on the work of the Topic Prioritization Working Group. She pointed out that six new topics needed to be chosen and presented basic information on four potential topics that passed initial screening: screening for abdominal aortic aneurism; tobacco prevention in children and adolescents; prenatal screening and CKD screening. The Task Force members discussed a number of issues and provided feedback on additional potential issues.


7. ERSC Update

Dr. Raina and Dr. Sherifali provided an overview of the new ERSC bridge funding deliverables from November 1, 2014 – October 31, 2015.


8. Lung Cancer Working Group Update

Dr. Lewin provided an update on the draft recommendations for lung cancer screening. CTFPHC members discussed a number of issues and provided feedback on the proposed recommendations.


9. Update on CTFPHC Recruitment

Dr. Tonelli and Dr. Grimsrud provided an update on recruitment for the CTFPHC. Efforts are underway to recruit three new Task Force members including a letter sent by Dr. Greg Taylor to the deans of medical schools, provincial chief medical officers of health, heads of family medicine, experts in clinical practice guidelines etc. The College of Family Physicians is also contacting research heads of family medicine. A Working Group will be struck to consider applicants. This Working Group will include consisting of the Task Force Chair, Vice Chair, two Task Force members, a representative from the Royal College and a representative of PHAC. It was also noted that a new Chair and Vice Chair will required in the near future.


10. Methods Working Group

Dr. Connor Gorber provided an update on from the GIN/GRADE Meetings. She recommended that the Task Force consider a number of methodological options which were discussed by the Task Force. It was recommended that a future topic will be selected to test a patient engagement process (e.g. the Periodic Health Exam).


11. Periodic Health Exam Working Group

Dr. Birtwhistle provided an overview regarding work on a CTFPHC position statement on the Periodic Health Exam.


12. KT Working Group Update

Dr. Straus provided an update on current CTFPHC KT activities, specifically the development of Prostate Cancer KT tools, the Prostate Cancer video, Adult Obesity KT Tools, the Cognitive Impairment KT Tool, CME, Critical Appraisals, Annual Guideline and Tool Evaluation, patient engagement, sustaining change and Cantonese Breast Cancer Screening.


13. Canadian Obesity Summit 2015

Dr. Brauer informed the Task Force that she had submitted a proposal to do a presentation on the Adult Obesity Guidelines at the Canadian Obesity Summit on April 29, 2015. It was agreed that the presentation provided an opportunity to profile Task Force methods and KT tools to a disparate multi-disciplinary group of clinical and public health professionals.


14. E-Health Update

Dr. Birtwhistle provided a brief update to the Task Force regarding the Mobile App and the EMR. RFI. The Task Force members provided feedback and several suggestions.


15. University of Calgary Update

Ms. Borne provided a brief update to the Task Force regarding SharePoint and other issues including the budget for KT.


16. Economic Evaluations Presentation

Mr. Don Husereau provided a presentation on economics and health to the Task Force and the Task Force discussed a number of issues and implications for its work.


17. Breakout Sessions

At the end of Day One, the Lung Cancer and the Developmental Delay Working Groups held brief meetings.



18. Prostate Cancer Screening Update

Mr. David Rodier updated the CTFPHC regarding the ongoing release of the Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines.


19. Cognitive Impairment Working Group Update

Dr. Pottie provided an update of the work of the Cognitive Impairment Working Group. He noted that the Cognitive Impairment Guidelines had been submitted to the CMAJ.


20. Screening for Hepatitis C Review

Ms. Jaramillo provided an update on behalf of the Science Team regarding PHAC’s Statement on Screening for Hepatitis C. The Task Force members discussed several issues regarding the model being used for this review.


21. KT with External Groups

Dr. Brauer informed the Task Force that she had been approached by the Dietitians of Canada to develop a webinar on the upcoming obesity guidelines. She noted that the CTFPHC lacks policies or a framework regarding dealing with external partners. It was agreed that a KT plan is required regarding working with other professions such as dietitians, other allied health professionals and those within the health promotion community.


22. Breakout Sessions

At the end of Day Two, the Colorectal Cancer and the Cognitive Impairment Working Groups held brief meetings.


23. Next Steps and Adjournment

The next meeting will be held on February 2 – 3, 2015 in Calgary.