Public record of meeting, 4 June, 2012

Meeting of 4 June, 2012


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  • Dr. Marcello Tonelli (Chair)
  • Dr. Richard Birtwhistle (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Maria Bacchus
  • Dr. Neil Bell
  • Dr. Paula Brauer
  • Dr. James Dickinson
  • Dr. Martin Fortin
  • Dr. Gabriela Lewin
  • Dr. Patrice Lindsay
  • Dr. Patricia Parkin
  • Dr. Kevin Pottie
  • Dr. Elizabeth Shaw
  • Dr. Harminder Singh


  • Dr. Sarah Connor Gorber
  • Dr. Karen Grimsrud
  • Alejandra Jaramillo
  • Lisa Pogany
  • Chantal Plante


  • Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis
  • Dr. Donna Ciliska


  • Mary Gauld
  • Carmela Graziani
  • Dr. Michel Joffres ([]) ([])
  • Dr. Parminder Raina
  • Dr. Sharon Straus


1. Review and approval of March 2012 Meeting Minutes and Action Items

Members reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting and noted action items that were completed.


2. Diabetes Working Group Update—Kevin Pottie/Lisa Pogany

An update was provided regarding the Working Group’s activities in developing recommendations and its liaison with stakeholders including the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Medical Association Journal.


3. Cervical Cancer Working Group Update—James Dickinson

Dr. Dickinson provided an updated regarding with Working Group’s activities and the reviewers’ response to draft recommendations. Many individuals have sent useful comments about recommendation statements and these will be considered by the Working Group.


4. Childhood Obesity Working Group Update—Patricia Parkin

Dr. Parkin noted that the draft protocol has been sent to reviewers and that there has been some ongoing confusion regarding the definitions of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. The Healthy Kids Panel (Ontario) was discussed.


5. Depression Working Group Update—Alejandra Jaramillo

The Working Group is considering a number of options regarding the development of possible recommendations.


6. Hypertension Working Group—Patrice Lindsay

Recommendations have been developed and will be submitted to the CMAJ. The Working Group will meet to further discuss a strategy for knowledge translation.


7. Adult Obesity Working Group—Paula Brauer

The ERSC is conducting a review of the USPSTF secondary prevention guideline and will be conducting a new review for the primary prevention component.


8. Breast Cancer Working Group Update Richard Birtwhistle

An update was provided on the uptake of the CTFPHC guideline by various groups.


9. Knowledge Transfer Working Group Update—Lisa Pogany

The diabetes knowledge transfer tools are under development including a clinician and patient algorithm tool and a patient FAQ document.


10. E-health Working Group Update—Richard Birtwhistle

CTFPHC members discussed the possibility of app development.


11. Critical Appraisal Working Group—Patrice Lindsay

This Working Group is making progress and is working with CTFPHC members to complete a review.


12. Patient Preference Working Group—Gabriela Lewin

A draft methods document has been prepared and input will be sought from members.


13. Timeline Update—Alejandra Jaramillo

Alejandra provided an overview of the timeline for the publication of various guidelines.


14. CTFPHC Members’ Term—Marcello Tonelli

Dr. Tonelli provided several options to members as they approached the end of their term and suggested staggering membership periods.


15. Topics for New Guidelines—Marcello Tonelli

Members reviewed the topic selection process and discussed potential new topics to begin this fall.


16. Document Repository—Alejandra Jaramillo

It was agreed that CTFPHC members should be able to access documents from a secure portal and this possibility will be further investigated.


17. Next Steps and Adjournment

Dr. Tonelli and Dr. Birtwhistle thanked members for their contributions and recognized the work of the CTFPHC Staff. The next CTFPHC meeting will take place in October or November 2012.