Public record of meeting, 4 June 2018


Meeting of 4 June, 2018–5 June, 2018

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Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa




  • Brett Thombs (Chair)
  • Gabriela Lewin (Vice-Chair)
  • Heather Colquhoun
  • Scott Klarenbach (via teleconference, Day 1)
  • Brenda Wilson
  • Stéphane Groulx
  • Ainsley Moore
  • Roland Grad
  • Donna Reynolds
  • Eddy Lang (Day 1)
  • Guylène Thériault
  • John LeBlanc
  • Michael Kidd
  • John Riva
  • Navindra Persaud (via teleconference)

CTFPHC Administrators

  • Daniela Cortinovis
  • Katie Elder


  • Rachel Rodin
  • Kate Morissette
  • Susan Courage
  • Heather Limburg
  • Gregory Traversy
  • Marc Avey
  • Bradley Mitchelmore


  • Katie Elder
  • Daniela Cortinovis

Edmonton ERSC

  • Jennifer Pillay (via teleconference)

Ottawa ERSC

  • Andrew Beck
  • Julian Little
  • Adrienne Stevens
  • Nadera Ahmadzai (Day 2)

St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Sharon Straus (via teleconference)
  • Danielle Kasperavicius
  • Kavitha Thiyagarajah (via teleconference)
  • Danica Buckland


  • Amanda Ramdyal


  • Kevin Pottie


  • David Moher (Ottawa ERSC)
  • Candyce Hamel (Ottawa ERSC)
  • Lisa Hartling (Edmonton ERSC)
  • Geneviève Cadieux (Intern)
  • Chantal Plante (PHAC)


Day 1

1. Welcome and Introductions; Review of Action Summary and Agenda – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs welcomed the group to Ottawa and thanked them for their attendance. Dr. Thombs asked everyone to introduce themselves. He then reviewed logistical items and expense forms, which will be sent out after the meeting.

Dr. Thombs noted a few significant accomplishments and changes in the work of the Task Force. Dr. Thombs congratulated Working Groups on recent and forthcoming guideline publications and praised efforts to integrate more bilingualism into Task Force products and outreach. He also noted a recent change in the publication of evidence reviews and protocols, which will now be published in the journal Systematic Reviews.

2. Osteoporosis – Guylène Thériault

Dr. Thériault presented on behalf of the Osteoporosis Working Group. The presentation reviewed the PICOS for Key Question 1 and sought input from Task Force members on Key Questions 3 and 4.

3. Knowledge Translation (KT) Working Group Update – Danica Buckland, Danielle Kasperavicius, Sharon Straus

Ms. Buckland, Ms. Kasperavicius, and Dr. Straus provided an update on behalf of the Knowledge Translation team, reviewing current KT activities underway and inviting Task Force input on the proposed patient reminders project.

4. Prevention PLUS – Eddy Lang, Danica Buckland

Dr. Lang and Ms. Buckland reviewed features of the new Prevention+ site, a literature surveillance platform recently contracted at McMaster University by the Task Force.

5. Depression Update – Eddy Lang

Dr. Lang led an update on behalf of the Depression Screening Guideline Working Group, with a focus on discussion of the protocol, patient values and preferences work, and estimated timelines and next steps.

6. Methods Working Group Update, Part 1 – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs led an update on behalf of the Methods Working Group, for continuation on Day 2. With the aim of securing Task Force input and approval, the presentation focused on changes to the analytic frameworks/harms, new approaches to guidelines updates, and the proposed shift in language from “weak” to “conditional” terminology.

7. Breast Cancer Update – Scott Klarenbach

Dr. Klarenbach led an update on behalf of the Breast Cancer Working Group, reviewing progress to-date and next steps as well as the patient knowledge translation tool.

8. H&K Media Updates (IV and ASB updates, BCU discussion) – Jennifer Field, David Rodier

Mr. Rodier and Ms. Field of H&K gave brief updates on media reception for the Impaired Vision and Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Guidelines, and presented on the anticipated media rollout for the Breast Cancer Update.

9. Verbal Updates, Part 1 – Ainsley Moore, Brenda Wilson, Susan Courage

Dr. Moore provided an update on behalf of the Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Working Group, reviewing key promotional dates around the forthcoming publication of the guideline on July 9th, 2018.

Dr. Wilson and Ms. Courage provided an update on behalf of the Impaired Vision Working Group. Published in May 2018, the guideline concluded with a weak recommendation against screening community-dwelling adults (aged 65 and over), based on low-quality evidence and opportunity cost without evidence of benefit. There was limited media reach.

10. Topics Working Group – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs than led an update on final topic selection for the coming year. The main goal of the conversation was to discuss ratings and comments and to narrow the selection of topics for scoping and guideline development.

Day 2

11. Esophageal Cancer – Stéphane Groulx, Nadera Ahmadzai

Dr. Groulx presented on behalf of the Esophageal Cancer Working Group, reviewing evidence Key Questions 1, 2, and 3, and the Evidence-to-Decision framework. Dr. Groulx also sought Task Force approval on the draft recommendation.

12. GHGD Update & Guideline Timelines – Rachel Rodin

Dr. Rodin led a verbal update on behalf of the Global Health and Guidelines Division, reviewing guideline timelines and staffing changes.

13. Proposal to Introduce Conditional Language in the Breast Cancer Update – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs led a continuation of Monday’s discussion, reviewing the proposal to edit and resubmit the Breast Cancer Update manuscript with “conditional” wording. Advantages and disadvantages of this strategy were outlined, and the revised manuscript was reviewed, highlighting where changes would appear. The topic was opened for discussion and decision.

14. FACE Pilot – Kevin Pottie

Dr. Pottie reviewed results and implications from the FACE pilot study, which is tested Feasibility, Acceptability, Cost, and Equity (FACE) tool for stakeholder engagement and implementation.

15. e-Health Working Group – Danica Buckland, Donna Reynolds

Ms. Buckland and Dr. Reynolds led an update on behalf of e-Health Working Group, reviewing raw data from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) pilot project.

16. Methods Working Group Update, Part 2 – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs reviewed additional Methods Working Group proposals for Task Force consideration. The presentation focused on the proposal to issue a strong recommendation when there is no credible evidence of benefit and standardizing the Task Force approach to patient values and preferences.


17. Verbal Updates, Part 2 – Brett Thombs, Ainsley Moore

Ms. Buckland and Dr. Reynolds led an update on behalf of e-Health Working Group, reviewing raw data from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) pilot project.


18. Next Steps and Adjournment – Brett Thombs

Dr. Thombs thanked the group for their attendance. An email will be sent out soon regarding expense forms. Please save receipts and original boarding passes for reimbursement.

Dr. Thombs took a moment to honour Dr. Lewin, who will be stepping down from her role as CTFPHC Vice-Chair. He thanked her on behalf of the Task Force and extended a plaque to recognize her involvement.

Dates for the next meeting are October 22nd and 23rd, and the location is again at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa.