Public record of meeting, 5 March, 2012

Meeting of 5 March, 2012–6 March, 2012

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The Government Conference Centre 2 Rideau Street, Gatineau Room, Ottawa, Ontario



  • Dr. Marcello Tonelli (Chair)
  • Dr. Richard Birtwhistle (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Maria Bacchus
  • Dr. Neil Bell
  • Dr. James Dickinson
  • Dr. Martin Fortin
  • Dr. Michel Joffres ([])
  • Dr. Gabriela Lewin
  • Dr. Patrice Lindsay ([])
  • Dr. Patricia Parkin
  • Dr. Kevin Pottie ([])
  • Dr. Harminder Singh


  • Dr. Sarah Connor Gorber
  • Dr. Karen Grimsrud
  • Nathalie Holmes
  • Meaghan Isaacs
  • Alejandra Jaramillo
  • Chantal Plante
  • Eva Tsakonas
  • Jamieson Wolf Villeneuve


  • Dr. Donna Ciliska
  • Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis
  • Mary Gauld
  • Amanda Hammill (By phone/video)
  • Homa Keshavarz (By phone/video)
  • Leslea Peirson (By phone/video)
  • Diana Sherifali (By phone/video)

Invited guests and speakers

  • Dr. Miriam Levitt
  • Dr. Verna Mai
  • Dr. Sharon Straus


  • Diane Finkle-Perazzo


  • Dr. Paula Brauer
  • Dr. Elizabeth Shaw


1. Review of November 2011 Meeting Minutes and Action Items

Members reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting and noted action items that were completed.


2. CTFPHC Lexicon – Nathalie Holmes

A CTFPHC lexicon of agreed upon terms and phrases was reviewed. This lexicon was written to reduce confusion and to provide consistency across all of the CTFPHC’s documents. This will include, but not be limited to, the CTFPHC’s website, presentations, internal documentation, letters, clinical practice guidelines, knowledge transfer tools.


3. CTFPHC Strategic Plan—Draft Findings and Recommendations—Marcello Tonelli

Miriam Levitt presented her findings and recommendations for a CTFPHC strategic plan. CTFPHC members raised a number of key points and recommendations.


4. Overall KT Plan—Sharon Straus and Nathalie Holmes

Sharon Straus and Nathalie Holmes presented information about the current KT plan for upcoming CTFPHC CPGs and made recommendations for staffing support required to meet ongoing workload.


5. GRADE Meeting Debrief and Methods Working Group Update—Sarah Connor Gorber

Sarah Connor Gorber provided an update of work currently being carried out by the Methods Work Group and a debrief of the recent GRADE Meeting. She also provided an update on new abstracts, presentations, and papers. The CTFPHC held a discussion on the issue of authorship and provided further recommendations on this issue.


6. Critical Appraisal Work Group Presentation—Patty Lindsay and Nathalie Holmes

Patty Lindsay presented a revised critical appraisal process which focuses on critical appraisals of CPGs related to the CTFPHC mandate. The work group’s goal is to develop a repository of CPGs related to prevention for primary care practitioners. This process was modelled after the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer CPAC repository and the AHRQ National Guideline Clearing House. The CTFPHC held a discussion about this process and reviewed several potential CPGs to be appraised.


7. Ethics Issues on Harms vs. Benefits Decisions—Michel Joffres

Michel Joffres reviewed a number of ethics approaches (E.g., autonomy, beneficence, non maleficence, and justice) and provided observations on the CTFPHC’s performance in this area. It was noted that Dr. Ryan Melnychuk, Public Health Agency of Canada, will be examining the breast cancer CPGs from an ethics point of view and will be presenting his analysis at the June 2012 CTFPHC meeting.


8. eHealth Consultation Update—Rick Birtwhistle and Sharon Straus

An EMR expert consultation was held in January 2012 at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. The meeting was attending by 25 participants (16 practice area experts, 7 CTFPHC working group members, 1 ERSC member, and 1 OCTFPHC member). The consultation objectives were to establish an outline for a strategy for making use of eHealth tools using EMR and other electronic methods to deliver CTFPHC clinical practice guidelines (CPG). Equally important was recognizing the barriers and enablers of achieving that goal and generating a short list of eHealth activities for consideration by the CTFPHC.


9. General Stakeholder Review Process—Nathalie Holmes

A Guide for External Reviewers has been created by Alejandra Jaramillo. The purpose of the this document is to facilitate stakeholder engagement in the work done by the CTFPHC.


10. Update from the Patient Preferences Group—Gabriela Lewin

A patient preferences working group was formed at the November CTFPHC meeting and charged with generating a plan for patient involvement. It was agreed that engagement needs to be beneficial to all parties involved and that there is evidence that patient involvement improves the quality of CPG and related materials. A number of possible mechanisms were discussed.


11. Childhood Obesity—Patricia Parkin

Patricia Parkin updated the CTFPHC on the work of the Childhood Obesity Work Group. The Childhood Obesity Work Group will continue to work on discussion at the CTFPHC meeting.


12. Cervical Cancer Screening—Jim Dickinson and Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis

An update was provided regarding the evidence report and the development of cervical cancer screening CPGs. The cervical screening work group will revise the proposed CPGs based on discussion at the CTFPHC meeting.


13. Diabetes—Kevin Pottie and Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis

An update of the evidence review and proposed CPGs for screening for Type 2 diabetes in adults were reviewed. The diabetes work group will revise the proposed CPGs based on discussion at the CTFPHC meeting.


14. Hypertension—Patty Lindsay and Amanda Hammill

The hypertension work group is a partnership with CHEP. The CTFPHC reviewed evidence and draft recommendations and critical appraisal of CHEP documents. The hypertension work group will revise the proposed CPGs based on discussion at the CTFPHC meeting.


15. CTFPHC/OCTFPHC/ERSC Workload Discussion—Marcello Tonelli

Marcello Tonelli pointed out that a total of four CPGs were to be produced in 2012. It was initially anticipated that there would be between 6–10 CPGs per year, however, this has not proven feasible due to the workload on the CTFPHC members and the OCTFPHC. Short-staffing (especially science officers) has been an ongoing issue.


16. Working Group Timelines—Alejandra Jaramillo

Alejandra Jaramillo reviewed a spreadsheet regarding timelines and status of current and upcoming CPGs.


17. Depression—Michel Joffres and Homa Keshavarz

An update of the evidence review and draft recommendations for screening for depression were reviewed. The depression work group will continue work in this area based on discussion at the CTFPHC meeting.


18. Adult Obesity—Sarah Connor Gorber (in absence of Paula Brauer)

Sarah Connor Gorber presented information about the work of the adult obesity working group. The adult obesity work group will continue its work based on the discussion at the CTFPHC meeting.