Public record of meeting, October 17 2022

Meeting of October 17 & 18 2022

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In-person meeting


Task Force Members

  • Brenda Wilson (Interim Co-Chair)
  • Roland Grad (Interim Co-Chair)
  • Scott Klarenbach
  • Ahmed Abou-Setta
  • Jennifer Flemming
  • Patricia Li
  • Donna Reynolds
  • Henry Siu
  • Nathalie Slavtcheva
  • Keith Todd
  • Guylène Thériault

Task Force Administrators

  • Daniela Cortinovis
  • Théodora Lufitha


  • Anne Brasset-Latulippe
  • Elyse Chaikalis
  • Leila Esmaeilisaraji
  • Chantelle Garritty
  • Casey Gray
  • Wen Qiu (Mandy) Huang
  • Heather Limburg
  • Maurica Maher
  • Melissa Subnath
  • Gregory Traversy
  • Julie Wu


  • Daniela Cortinovis
  • Théodora Lufitha


  • Dria Bennett
  • Samantha Guitard
  • Jennifer Pillay
  • Nicole Shaver
  • Julian Little
  • Lisa Hartling

Task Force Fellows

  • Amanda Tzenov

Task Force Alumni

  • Brett Thombs

Knowledge Translation

  • Sharon Straus
  • Robyn Beckett
  • Arthana Chandraraj
  • Sidra Cheema


  • Kim Barnhardt


Eddy Lang (Task Force), Emily McDonald (Task Force), Melissa Brouwers (ERSC), Chantal Plante (PHAC), David Moher (ERSC), Laure Tessier (PHAC)


Day 1

1. Welcome and Introductions

The Task Force held its hybrid meeting in Gatineau, Quebec. For those who could not be present, the meeting was also broadcasted via videoconference. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Grad opened the meeting and Task Force members approved the agenda. Dr. Wilson provided some brief guidelines on the proceedings of this meeting.

Roundtable introductions were done, and Dr. Wilson welcomed new staff of the Task Force.

The interim co-Chairs thanked everyone for their participation.

2. Methods

Dr. Abou-Setta presented an update on the methods manual and other ongoing items.

3. Communication Update

Ms. Barnhardt presented an update on the recent work of the Communications team and their ongoing initiatives specifically on Task Force member recruitment efforts.

4. Topics (Part 1)

Ms. Limburg and Ms. Chaikalis presented on the Topics, specifically seeking Task Force approval of sending various topics for confirmation. Ms. Limburg also provided information on the potential use of AMR as an outcome and the hold statement for the Obesity topic.

5. Tobacco

Mr. Traversy presented on the Evidence to Decision (EtD) framework and ensuing recommendations for other therapies for smoking cessation.

6. Cervical Cancer

Ms. Pillay presented updates on the Cervical Cancer guideline, specifically the results for the benefits and harms for screening (KQ1, KQ3, & KQ4).

7. Topics (Part 2)

Ms. Limburg presented on the second part of the Topics, specifically presenting an update on topic prioritization and the Delphi process.

8. Update on Evaluation

Dr. Maher presented an update on the Task Force evaluation that is currently in the process of being completed by PHAC.

Day 2

9. Verbal Updates on Guidelines (Part 1)

The guideline Working Group Chairs provided brief updates for the following guidelines: Lung Cancer and Vitamin D/Calcium.

10. Knowledge Translation (KT) Update

Ms. Beckett and Ms. Chandraraj provided updates on recent KT activities and initiatives. This update included information on recently published and upcoming guidelines, new and upcoming KT tools, dissemination activities, Task Force projects, Clinical Prevention Leaders (CPL) network and Task Force Public Advisors Network (TF-PAN).

11. Verbal Updates on Guidelines (Part 2)

The guideline Working Group Chairs provided brief updates for the following guidelines: Depression (adult and child/adolescent), Fragility Fractures, Diabetes type II, Falls, Hypertension, Hepatitis C, Opioids, PIP, and Prostate Cancer Screening.

12. Next Steps and Adjournment

Dr. Grad thanked everyone for attending. The October 2022 Task Force hybrid meeting was adjourned.