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The CTFPHC involves primary care practitioners in many of its activities. See the links below for more information on how you can participate.

Participate In Activities

  • Usability Testing: The CTFPHC produces practitioner and patient knowledge translation tools to support each of its guidelines. To ensure that the content, layout, navigation, and aesthetics of these tools are appropriate and useful for practice, we conduct usability testing with practitioners. If you are interested in reviewing and providing feedback on one of our upcoming guideline tools, please email Rossella Scoleri, research assistant, at for more information. Note that we offer $100 compensation for a one-hour telephone interview (no travel required).
  • Annual Evaluation: The CTFPHC conducts an annual evaluation of its work to measure the impact of dissemination activities and the uptake of clinical practice guidelines, KT tools, and KT resources. We invite practitioners to take part in the evaluation by either completing an online survey (for a chance to enter an iPad draw) or participating in a one-hour telephone interview ($100 compensation). For more information on how to get involved, please email Rossella Scoleri, research assistant, at Surveys and interviews are conducted in January and February of each year.
  • Internship Program: The CTFPHC is committed to providing mentored training opportunities to Canadian healthcare trainees and early career professionals. Opportunities for Task Force Interns include short-term training opportunities and longer-term internships. Both short-term and longer-term internships involve working closely with a Task Force member who will supervise and provide mentorship to the intern. Please click here for more information.



Submit Topic Suggestions

  • Is there a preventive health topic that you would like to see the CTFPHC develop a clinical practice guideline for? Let us know what you are passionate about! We accept topic suggestions on a rolling basis and would love to hear from you. To submit a suggestion, please fill out the form below: