Guylène Thériault

Guylène Thériault

  • Co-chair
  • MD, CCFP

With a medical degree from the Université de Montréal, Dr. Guylène Thériault, who did her residency at McGill University, also has a graduate degree in evidence-based healthcare from the University of Oxford, England and is finishing a Masters in education.

She has practiced family practice in different settings since 1996. In addition to her clinical duties, Dr Thériault is a co-lead for family practice for Choosing Wisely Canada and has been teaching evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making to students, residents and physicians for several years. She is also a speaker at various events where she covers a number of topics, including screening, overdiagnosis and shared decision-making.

She has different academic duties at the McGill Campus in Outaouais and is the founder of the centre for the advancement of evidence-based health care (soon to become EBM Quebec), a Website that proposes tools to help incorporate sound care and prevention in clinical practice.

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