Breast Cancer (Update)—Draft Recommendations—Infographic

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How we do it

Breast cancer guideline update (2024)

For women* at average and moderately increased risk of breast cancer


The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care

  • Independent group of primary care and prevention experts
  • Internationally respected for their expertise in evaluating evidence
  • 6 primary care physicians
  • 4 specialists
  • 2 nurse practitioners


  • Develops rigorous, evidence-based preventive health care guidelines for primary care based on impartiality, collaboration and inclusivity 


  • To improve the health of Canadians by identifying beneficial screening and prevention practices 


  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Expert and peer reviewers
  • Citizens and clinicians
  • Health organizations
  • University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, University of Manitoba, Institute for Health Economics (Edmonton) research team
    • systematically review and analyze scientific evidence
    • provide an evidence summary


Phase 1

  1. Broad evidence overview
  2. Research plan
  3. Comprehensive evidence review using international best practices 
    • Assess 1000s of articles, RCTs + observational studies + more, + modelling††,+ Statistics Canada data
      1. Analyze data
      2. Assess evidence quality
      3. Modelling
      4. Draft recommendations


  • Guideline
    • Evidence Review and Synthesis Centres
    • 4 content experts
      • medical oncologist
      • radiation oncologist
      • surgical oncologist
      • radiologist
    • Patient partners
    • Task Force members
    •  Science team**
    • Modelling team

Phase 2 – Draft recommendations 

 Draft guideline + draft tools

  •  Stakeholder and public input e.g. From cancer agencies, screening programs, cancer experts, public and other groups 

Phase 3 – Final guideline

  • Publication
  • Patient and clinician tools 

120 people, including 22 experts and representatives from 87 organizations, were asked for their input on the research plan, systematic review, and/or draft guideline. Responses to all comments will be published.

August 2023 – 19 people and 9 organizations = 145 documents for potential inclusion via online portal


*People assigned female at birth

**Public Health Agency of Canada