Public record of meeting, 7 October, 2013

Meeting of 7 October, 2013–8 October, 2013

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Revised 12 November, 2013



  • Dr. Marcello Tonelli (Chair)
  • Dr. Richard Birtwhistle (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Maria Bacchus
  • Dr. Neil Bell
  • Dr. Paula Brauer
  • Dr. James Dickinson
  • Dr. Gabriela Lewin
  • Dr. Patricia Parkin
  • Dr. Kevin Pottie
  • Dr. Harminder Singh


  • Dr. Rachel Rodin
  • Dr. Sarah Connor Gorber
  • Dr. Lesley Dunfield
  • Debjani Mitra
  • Dana Reid
  • Amanda Shane
  • Elizabeth Threader


  • Dr. Donna Ciliska
  • Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis
  • Dr. Leslea Peirson
  • Ali Usman (By phone/video)

University of Alberta

  • Brandee Borne
  • Dawn Opgenorth

St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Dr. Sharon Straus
  • Lindsay Cameron

Invited guests and speakers

  • Dr. Brett Thombs
  • Dr. Ainsley Moore
  • Dr. Christine Kennedy (By phone/video)
  • David Rodier
  • Katie Olsen


  • Diane Finkle Perazzo


  • Dr. Karen Grimsrud


1. Welcome and Meeting Document Review

Marcello Tonelli welcomed the CTFPHC members and other participants and thanked them for attending the meeting. A round table of introductions was held.


1.1 Approval of June 2013 Meeting Minutes

CTFPHC members reviewed the Minutes of the June 2013 Meeting. One change was noted by Maria Bacchus. James Dickinson moved to accept the Minutes of the June 2013 meeting and Richard Birtwhistle seconded the motion. Approved.


1.2 Review of Actions from June 2013 Meeting

CTFPHC members reviewed the list of actions stemming from their previous Meeting.


1.3 Review of Meeting Agenda

CTFPHC members reviewed the meeting agenda. There were no revisions noted.


2. KT Working Group Update

Sharon Straus reviewed progress on the CME Modules and Lindsay Cameron shared some of the working prototypes for the new CTFPHC Website and reported on usability testing on the CTFPHC Mobile App. The CTFPHC also discussed a proposal for clinical practice guideline evaluation, the need for copy editing of guidelines prior to submission, a clinical practice evaluation plan and KT tools for the upcoming prostate cancer screening guidelines.


3. Developmental Delay Working Group Update

Lesley Dunfield reviewed the results of a literature review regarding screening for developmental delay in children 4 years of age and younger without suspected delays. A staged review was suggested and discussed by the CTFPHC members.


4. Colorectal Cancer Working Group Update

Maria Bacchus and Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis provided a brief update on the ongoing development of guidelines for colorectal cancer screening.


5. CTFPHC Strategic Approach to Provinces and Territories to Influence Uptake of Cancer Screening Recommendations

Sharon Straus facilitated a discussion with CTFPHC members regarding different approaches that might be taken to influence the uptake of cancer screening recommendations and whether it was appropriate to include a question of this sort in an upcoming survey. It was agreed that the CTFPHC will further consider ways to engage provincial organizations and other interest groups in ongoing guideline development.


6. ERSC Update

Donna Ciliska provided an update on the work of the ERSC.


7. Adult and Child Obesity Evidence and Guideline Review

7.1 Adult Obesity Prevention and Treatment: Evidence and Guideline Review

Leslea Peirson provided an overview of the evidence review for adult obesity prevention and obesity treatment. Paula Brauer presented key and contextual questions and draft Guidelines for Adult Obesity. These were discussed in depth by the CTFPHC members and stressed the importance of using a decision table to present the recommendations.

7.2 Child Obesity Prevention and Treatment: Evidence and Guideline Review

Leslea Peirson provided an overview of the evidence review for child obesity prevention and obesity treatment. Patricia Parkin reviewed the key questions. Next steps will include the analysis of secondary prevention evidence and primary and secondary treatment evidence.


8. Guideline Timelines

Sarah Connor Gorber reviewed timelines for the development of current evidence reports and guidelines. It was agreed that the current timelines were reasonable and served as a reminder that it would be important to begin working on upcoming guidelines ASAP.


9. Methods Working Group Update

Sarah Connor Gorber and Lesley Dunfield provided an update on the work of the Methods Working Group and their recent attendance at GRADE and GIN meetings.


10. Prostate Cancer Screening Working Group Update

Lesley Dunfield and Ali Usman reviewed the evidence from the Prostate Cancer Screening systematic review. Sarah Connor Gorber reviewed draft recommendations. These were discussed in detail by the CTFPHC members and revisions will be made by the Prostate Cancer Screening Working Group.

In addition, David Rodier and Katie Olsen joined the meeting and offered a prospective look at a communication strategy for prostate cancer screening guidelines.


11. Critical Appraisal Working Group Update

Amanda Shane updated the CTFPHC on action items from the June meeting and reviewed the current appraisal topic list. Six appraisals have been completed and approved by the CTFPHC. Peer review of the critical appraisals was piloted with ovarian cancer screening, and KT will conduct usability testing on the appraisals.