Hello and goodbye 

Hello and goodbye 

Hello and goodbye 

Drs. Ahmed Abou-Setta and Stéphane Groulx Drs. Ahmed Abou-Setta and Stéphane Groulx 

The Task Force welcomes a new member and says farewell to another. 

New member Dr. Ahmed Abou-Setta from the University of Manitoba brings extensive knowledge and experience in patient-oriented research, methods and systematic reviews to the Task Force. He is the Director of Knowledge Synthesis, George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, the CIHR-funded Manitoba SPOR SUPPORT Unit, a Principal Investigator on the CIHR-funded SPOR Evidence Alliance, and Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba  

Widely published, including articles in JAMA, BMJCMAJ and Annals of Internal Medicine, Dr. Abou-Setta leads innovative research into how to improve and streamline the systematic review process, detecting research bias and encouraging patient engagement in research. 

It is an honor and privilege to join the ranks of this prestigious group of healthcare providers, primary care physicians, researchers, academics,” says Dr. Abou-SettaAs a father, husband and Canadian, I recognize the importance of being proactive in taking care of our health, but at the same time realize that overdiagnosis can lead to unfounded fears, unneeded testing and a constant worry if something was missed. I have personally witnessed this and knew that there must be a balance between vigilance and inattentiveness. 

With regards to engaging patients and the public as partners in research and decision-making, I believe their viewpoints and experiences are strong messages that should be heard loud and clear. There is great benefit for all of us to work together towards a common goal. 



After four years, a key champion in Quebec and with francophone physicians moves on from the Task Force. Dr. Stéphane Groulx has been a valuable member of the team and has helped elevate Task Force clinical guidelines in the province.   

“It has been a tremendous professional and personal experience to share science-with-a-conscience with such a fantastic research group, to make significant progress towards a wider interface with all clinicians, researchers, stakeholders and people of Canada and creating new links with the French speaking community,” says Dr. Groulx.  

“In his time with the Task Force, Dr. Groulx made major contributions in several areas. He could always be counted on to thoughtfully integrate his wealth of clinical experience into discussions of evidence and recommendations, and many guidelines benefitted from this. He worked tirelessly to help the Task Force better meet the needs of francophone doctors and their patients; and he skillfully guided the development of the Task Force’s upcoming guideline on screening for esophageal cancer among patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).”  

  • Dr. Brett Thombs, Chair, Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care

Lucky for us, he will stay connected as a Task Force alumnus. Thank you, Dr. Groulx, and merci. 


About the Task Force 

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care is an independent panel of health professionals who are experts in clinical preventive health care and guideline methodology. This panel develops evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to help primary care providers deliver preventive health care, as well as related tools and resources to help Canadians stay healthy.