Call for applications

Call for applications


The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC) is currently recruiting primary care practitioners to participate in its Clinical Prevention Leaders (CPL) Network initiative.

This is a 2-year pilot initiative and research study led by St. Michael’s Hospital and aimed at developing and evaluating a network of clinical prevention leaders, with expertise in CTFPHC guideline development and implementation, across Canada. The purpose of this network will be to promote the uptake of evidence-based guidelines and to address barriers to guideline implementation at a local level through educational outreach and other knowledge translation activities.



  • A voluntary commitment to a 2-year term with the opportunity for extension (+1-2 years);
  • Participation in 3 CPL training webinars and monthly CPL Network teleconference calls ;
  • Participation in self-learning and assessment activities (e.g., reading guidelines, quarterly activity logs);
  • Participation in network evaluation research study (completion of a survey at the 6-months, 1-year and 2-year time points);
  • Optional participation in monthly CTFPHC teleconference calls and CTFPHC in-person meetings (3 per year);
  • Supporting the dissemination and use of CTFPHC KT tools and resources;
  • Addressing context-specific barriers to guideline use through educational outreach activities and interactive discussion;
  • Supporting the assessment of primary care practitioner (PCP) local education and resource needs.



  • You will earn 3 CFPC credits per hour of participation in this program;
  • You will receive high-quality training on guideline development and implementation from guideline and knowledge translation (KT) experts (free of charge);
  • You will have the opportunity to apply to be a full CTFPHC member;
  • You may have opportunities to attend in-person meetings and to represent the CTFPHC at key conferences.
  • You will have the opportunity to shape the development of a network of leaders across Canada who will promote the use of evidence-based preventive health practices in primary care.



  • There are no anticipated risks for choosing to participate in this pilot initiative and research study



  • Interest in taking on a leadership role within your network and community around preventive health care;
  • Former CTFPHC member status or registered primary care clinician with the CFPC;
  • Minimum of 5 years of practice in a primary care setting;
  • Demonstrated experience delivering educational outreach sessions (i.e., delivery of presentations/seminars aimed to increase knowledge and skills in a particular area);
  • Understanding of the CTFPHC and approach to evidence-based guidelines and appreciation for the CTFPHC philosophy of weighing benefits and harms when considering population-based screening interventions;
  • No significant conflicts of interest (e.g., no strong ties or affiliations with industry);
  • Ability and willingness to commit to a 2-year term.


To apply:


For more information on this initiative, please contact Danica Buckland (Project Lead) ( with the subject line ‘CPL Network’.