Dr. Olivia Tseng


Photo of Dr. Olivia Tseng

Dr. Olivia Tseng, MD, PhD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP

Dr. Olivia Tseng is firstly a practicing family doctor and a primary care researcher.  She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the UBC Department of Family Practice, an associate research member of the Centre for Clinical Evaluation and Epidemiology (c2e2.ca) of the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI), an affiliated research member of the Women Health Research Institute (WHRI), and a board member of the BC Family Doctors and Clinician Scholar Program.  Olivia supervises Family Medicine residents and medical students at the UBC Health Clinic.  She has been awarded a national Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation fellowship and a VCHRI Investigator Award.  Olivia completed her residency training at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC, doctoral degree and Clinician Scholar Training at UBC, and Master of Science degree at SFU.

Dr. Tseng is dedicated to promoting evidence-informed care and integrating that into her clinical practice and teaching activities. Supporting clinical decision-making with research evidence usually leads to better health outcomes for patients, reduce medical errors and avoid unnecessary treatments and investigations.  She served on the Guidelines and Protocol Advisory Committee (GPAC) working group, helping to create the BC provincial guidelines for genital tract cancers in females.  She continues to provide feedback on BC provincial guidelines as an external reviewer.  Her presentation discussing inconsistent content of Canadian clinical practice guidelines was awarded a PEARL award at the 2020 annual meeting of the North America Primary Care Research group.  She has a long-term interest in translating research evidence into e-tools that are user friendly to both care providers and patients.


  • Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
  • Centre for Clinical Evaluation and Epidemiology, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Vancouver, BC
  • UBC Health Clinic, Vancouver, BC


List of interests/expertise:

  • Evidence-Informed Decisions
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Knowledge Translation Tools
  • Health Technology