Hepatitis C (2017)

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    Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Canada

    This Clinical Practice Guideline has been endorsed by the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Canada (NPAC).

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    Summary of recommendations for clinicians and policy-makers

    This recommendation applies to asymptomatic adults who are not at elevated risk for hepatitis C.

    It does not apply to pregnant women or adults who are at elevated risk for hepatitis C, including individuals with current or past history of injection drug use, individuals who have been incarcerated, immigrants from hepatitis C endemic regions, individuals who have received health care where there is a lack of universal precautions, recipients of blood transfusions, blood products or organ transplant before 1992 in Canada, hemodialysis patients, individuals who have had needle stick injuries, or individuals who have engaged in other risks sometimes associated with HCV exposure.

    The Task Force based the recommendations on the overall balance between the possible benefits and harms of screening, patient preferences and values related to screening as well as considerations related to feasibility, accessibility, resource use and equity.

    The Task Force will continue to carefully monitor the scientific and policy developments related to screening and patient access to treatment in Canada.


    • We recommend against screening for HCV in adults who are not at elevated risk.
      (Strong recommendation, very low quality evidence)